Religious Leaders

Dr. C. H. Braddy, Community Faith-Based Leader

“Fani Willis will stand for our people and dispense grace through innovative community programming. She will restore justice and righteousness back to the seat of Fulton County District Attorney.”
-Dr. C.H. Braddy

Bishop Gregory L. Fann Sr., Liberty International Church, Door of Hope Ministries

“I support Fani Willis because of all the great work she does in the community.”

-Bishop Gregory L. Fann Sr.

Rev. Dr. William E. Flippen, Jr., Former 2nd Vice-President- Georgia NAACP

“Fani Willis possesses the 3 Cs that I look for in anyone seeking public office: Conviction, Charisma, and Character. Her heart is with the people at the grassroots, and her love for humanity is authentic. She also has the legal acumen and mental fortitude to develop and manage an office trained to serve clients with dignity and respect in a pressurized legal world.”
-Rev. Dr. William E. Flippin, Jr.

Pastor Warren L. Henry, Sr., The Kingdom of God International Ministry

“’For many are called, but few are chosen.’ ‘Called’ represents an external call that can come from anyone. ‘Chosen’, represents an inward call from God. This is why I choose Fani for Fulton County District Attorney, she’s CHOSEN!”
-Pastor Warren L. Henry, Sr

Bishop Aaron B. Lackey, Sr., Presiding Bishop, United Churches of God in Christ, Inc. Senior Pastor, Temple of Prayer Family Worship Cathedral, Fairburn, GA

“Fani Willis has a vision to make the services of the Fulton County Probate Court more accessible to the citizens of the county.”

-Bishop Aaron B. Lackey, Sr.

Rev. Dr. Anton Rowe, Senior Pastor, The Greater Solid Rock Baptist Church, Attorney at Law.

“I am supporting Fani Willis, because of the spirit of determination and strong dedication to excel, as a District Attorney, that is evident in Ms. Willis.”

-Anton Rowe, Esq.

Rev. Christopher Waller, Butler Street CME Church

“Fair, Firm and Consistent….”
-Rev. Christopher Waller

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