Community Activists & Political Leaders

Khadijah Abdur-Rahman, Commissioner Elect Fulton County District 6

“I support Fani Willis because she is not afraid to stand up for the “lesser of these”. I truly believe Fani is the “Change Agent “that Fulton County DA office so desperately needs.”

-Khadijah Abdur-Rahman

Byron Amos, Former Member - Atlanta Board of Education

“For far too long, Fulton County has been THE place to commit a crime. Fani Willis will change that. Her passion for true Criminal Justice Reform is only rivaled by her commitment to establishing a stronger Criminal Justice System. In her, we will have a leader.” 

-Byron Amos

Charlie Bailey, 2018 Democratic Nominee - Attorney General of Georgia

“As an Assistant District Attorney in Fulton County, Fani brought justice to hundreds of victims and protected thousands more from some of the most violent offenders in our state. As Chief Municipal Judge of the City of South Fulton, she understood and brought to bear the principle that every case is more than just names and numbers—that they represent real people/real families, whether they be the accused or the victims—and therefore deserve the full, fair, and reasoned attention of the public officials tasked with handling their matter.
We deserve a District Attorney who embodies these values, therefore, I proudly endorse my friend, Fani T. Willis, for the position of Fulton County District Attorney. There is no person I trust more to carry out that responsibility.”

-Charlie Bailey

Mark Baker, Councilman District 7- City of South Fulton

“Fani Willis has an impeccable awareness of the social ills which plague our community, and it aligns with her discretion and judgment. Her professionalism, moral fabric, and energy is infectious…and I endorse her without hesitation.”

-Mark Baker

Kristie Hornsby Battle, Attorney

“As an Assistant District Attorney, she was tough on crime but fair when she needed to be. She will work for all citizens of Fulton County as District Attorney.”

-Kristie Hornsby Battle

William Boddie, State Representative D- East Point- District 62

“I firmly stand behind Fani Willis, because I know she will treat the citizens I represent with fairness.”

-William Boddie

Shameeka Burgess, Cousin of the Victim

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act. Fani Willis shows the rest is, merely, tenacity.”

-Shameeka Burgess

Jason Cade, Founder - W.A.V.E.(Non-profit)

“I’m endorsing Fani Willis because she is the most compassionate, hard-working, and experienced candidate I know! She will bring a much-needed change to the District Attorney’s Office, and all of the communities within Fulton County.”
-Jason Cade

Amber Connor, President of Concerned Citizens United

“The duties of a district attorney are to manage the prosecutor’s office, investigate alleged crimes in cooperation with law enforcement, and file criminal charges or bring evidence before the Grand Jury. Most importantly, these words are not just a description but are to be put into action. Fani Willis is not only the most capable candidate, but she has a proven record that voters count on. That is why she will get my vote.” 

-Amber Conner

Jamie S. Cox, Attorney at Law

“We need competency coupled with demonstrated strategic discernment. We need epic strides executed with veracity and integrity. We want Chief Judge Fani Willis to lead the way.”

-Jamie S. Cox

Saudia Crawford-Gordon, Attorney at Law

“Fani Willis is the hardest working attorney I know. She has proven herself to be one of the fairest and most talented jurists, in one of the toughest judicial systems in Georgia. The role of Fulton County District Attorney is a position requiring someone with integrity, leadership experience as well as a belief in justice through fairness and common sense. There is no room for corruption, greed or ego. It is time for a change. I endorse Fani Willis as Fulton County’s next DA.”

-Saudia Crawford-Gordon

Dion Davis, Global Corporate Security Architect and Risk Management Advisor

“Fani Willis is the natural choice to strongly & fairly lead Fulton County’s objective to continue to make the county a safe place for its residences, business community, and globetrotters. As a resident, and a business owner it is simply the logical choice.”

-Dion Davis

Willie G. Davis, Jr., Attorney at Law

“As a Criminal Defense Attorney, for 24 years, I understand the importance of having a D.A. who values REAL justice over conviction rates. Fani Willis’ dedication to fairness and equality will improve our Criminal Justice System. Therefore, she is my choice for Fulton County District Attorney.”

-Willie G. Davis, Jr.

Dee Dawkins-Haigler, Former State Representative

“I am endorsing Fani Willis because she will work diligently to ensure justice is served!”

-Dee Dawkins-Haigler

Andre Dickens, Councilman- Post 3 At Large- Atlanta

“Fani Willis is a proven leader that will bring a much needed fresh perspective as D.A.”

-Andre Dickens

Kimberly Dove, Board Member, District 6 Fulton County School Board

“I support Fani Willis because I see that she has a true heart and real commitment to children.”

-Kimberly Dove

William A. Dupre, IV, Attorney at Law

“Fani has the intellect, experience, work ethic, and personal integrity to be the best DA Fulton County ever had. As a former prosecutor, Fani knows that her office must, first and foremost, protect our citizens from hardened, often violent, criminals and get and keep them off our streets. She is unafraid to make tough, unpopular decisions and can be trusted to do the right thing. She knows what works (and what doesn’t) in leading an office that employs over 100 dedicated prosecutors, investigators, and staff–how to motivate, teach, encourage and enable them to serve and protect the public.”

-William A. Dupre, IV

Pat Gardner, State Representative D- Atlanta- District 57

“I fully endorse Fani Willis for Fulton County District, because she can foster productive relationships with criminal justice partners, at the local, state, and federal levels, in the pursuit of justice.”

-Pat Gardner

Stephanie Gordon, Councilwoman Ward D- East Point

“Fani Willis is a proven leader with remarkable experience, deep passion, and a commitment to bringing a tough, yet, fair approach to our justice system as the Fulton County District Attorney.”

-Stephanie Gordon

Brian D. Granville, MPA, Esq.

“Fani Willis for Fulton County D.A. represents a visionary change in the status quo— a fresh new approach to leadership, fairness, integrity, and justice for all, a change from the constant corruption and scandal of the current administration.”

-Brian D. Granville

Sojourner Marable Grimmett, South Fulton Community Advocate

“I am proud to endorse Fani Willis for Fulton County District Attorney. Fani has spent her entire career defending our most vulnerable communities, and she is committed to keeping our communities safe and demanding real accountability from our justice system.”

-Sojourner Marable Grimmett

Carmalitha Gumbs, Councilwoman-District 2 City of South Fulton

“As South Fulton’s Chief Municipal Court Judge, Fani Willis has demonstrated her commitment to adhering to the highest standard of the legal profession and serving the public interest. She is fair, effective, and efficient. She has proven that she can be trusted to make vital decisions that will impact the lives of South Fulton’s citizens, today and for years to come. I humbly ask you to join me in casting your vote for Judge Fani Willis on May 19.”

-Carmalitha Gumbs

Dustin Hillis, Councilman - District 9, Atlanta

“It is time for a much-needed change in our D.A.’s Office, and I know Fani Willis will serve with integrity while working for and listening to the people.”

-Dustin Hillis

Rep. Betsy Holland, Georgia House District 54

“Fani Willis has the experience and integrity we need in a District Attorney. Her strong history of promoting public safety, fairness, and compassion will benefit our whole community.”

-Betsy Holland

El-Mahdi Holly, State Representative, House District 111

“Fani’s just very personable and she tries her best to treat folks fairly. She’s proven she can be both tough on crime and trustworthy on the taxpayers’ dime.”

-El-Mahdi Holly

Louise T. Hornsby, Attorney

“We need someone with leadership and compassion to work to make Fulton County better and safer. Fani Willis is that person. She is committed and experienced.”

-Louise T. Hornsby

Avis K. Hornsby-Culpepper, Attorney

“Fani is fearless,  feisty, faithful, firm and fair. She is perfectly fit for the job as Fulton County’s next District Attorney.”

-Avis Hornsby-Culpepper

Derrick Jackson, State Representative D- College Park- District 64

“There comes a time and season that we need a leader with a proven track record of experiences that are required—to make a difference—in our society for the betterment of all, especially for JUSTICE! Fani’s experiences will serve exceptionally well as Fulton County’s District Attorney, which is why I fully endorse Fani Willis for Fulton County’s District Attorney.”

-Derrick Jackson

David Jaffer, Attorney at Law

“I have worked with Fani over the years. She brings strong leadership, sound ethical and legal judgment, and a balanced perspective. Now, more than ever, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office needs a strong leader and I support Fani Willis for Fulton County District Attorney.”

-David Jaffer

Senator Donzella James, District 35

“I am proud to endorse Fani Willis for Fulton County District Attorney. She is a Veteran Prosecutor, Former Fulton ADA, and Atlanta Assistant Solicitor. She has proven leadership that is exemplified in her current City of South Fulton Judgeship.”

-Senator Donzella James

Clarence R. Johnson, Jr. Trial Attorney

“As a criminal defense attorney, it is not uncommon for me and a prosecutor to be adversaries. However, in this instance, I wholeheartedly endorse and support
Fani Willis for District Attorney because she is well-accomplished, trustworthy,
has integrity, and is compassionate about the law and our community.”

-Clarence R. Johnson, Jr.

Dr. Kelly S. Johnson

“Fani Willis is the new energy and leadership that we so desperately need to navigate us through these trying times. I trust Fani to do the right thing and be the voice of the voiceless.”

-Dr. Kelly S. Johnson

Jennifer Jordan, State Senator D- Sandy Springs - District 6

Walter and Daphne Jordan, Community Activists - Safer Communities

“Our justice system is broken. We need a change, not more of the same. We support Fani Willis for Fulton County District Attorney.”

-Walter and Daphne Jordan

Angelika Kausche, State Representative D- Johns Creek- District 50

“Fani Willis is the most qualified candidate for Fulton County District attorney and a strong advocate for criminal justice reform. We need a DA who understands that there’s more to keeping our community safe than prosecuting criminals and adding to the prison population. Real ‘justice’ means stopping the school-to-prison pipeline.” 

-Angelika Kausche

Melaney LaGrone, Esq., Immigration and Criminal Defense Attorney

“I support Fani Willis for Fulton County District Attorney because she cares about the citizens of Fulton County and the hardworking men and women she employs.”

-Melaney LaGrone

Janice Laws, 2018 Democratic Nominee - Insurance Commissioner of Georgia

“Fani Willis is a woman of integrity. Fulton County will be in good hands with her.”

-Janice Laws

Mesha Mainor, GA State Representative-Elect, District 56

“I support Fani Willis for District Attorney because Georgia needs a low turnover rate in the DA’s office to prosecute crimes timely, provide justice to victims, and ultimately keep our communities safe. Fani Willis supports victims of stalking, domestic violence, sex-trafficking, and child endangerment.”

-Mesha Mainor

Cynthia S. McDonald, Community Activist-Sandy Springs

“Fani Willis has established an impeccable record of integrity, hard work and a history of fighting for justice. At a time when crime is increasing in many of our neighborhoods, we need an honest, smart, capable leader at the helm in the District Attorney’s Office. Fani Willis is that leader. She will return honor to the position of DA and make all our families safer. I, wholeheartedly, support Fani Willis as Fulton County District Attorney, and am honored to call her my friend.”

-Cynthia S. McDonald

Josh McLaurin, State Representative D- Sandy Springs- District 51

“We need to restore a culture of professionalism and compassion to the Fulton County DA’s office. I trust Fani Willis to bring us there.”

-Josh McLaurin

Le’Dor Milteer, Community Activist, Sandy Springs, GA

“As a wife, mom & a woman of color- I understand the importance of having a DA like Fani in my city. I support her mission of changing the way justice is served… I stand with her because of her compassion, experience & courage. We will WIN with Willis!”

-Le’Dor Milteer

Felicia Moore, President - Atlanta City Council

“I fully endorse Fani Willis in her endeavor to become our next Fulton County District Attorney. She possesses the experience, skillset, and integrity needed to fight for victims and administer fairness to defendants. Fani Willis is the positive change Fulton County needs.”

-Felicia Moore

Mary Norwood Chairman, Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods

“I am proud to support Fani Willis for District Attorney.She is an experienced prosecutor who will help make our neighborhoods safe.Fani has the competence, the proven results, and the integrity to be the District Attorney we need and deserve.”

-Mary Norwood

Brian D. Poe, Esq., Attorney at Law

“Fulton County is the state’s largest prosecutorial jurisdiction and its district attorney should be an experienced prosecutor, and trial attorney, who projects across our communities as a respected leader and trendsetter in the administration of justice. It is time for the baton to be passed to the one person in our County who embodies this description – Chief Judge Fani T. Willis.”

-Brian D. Poe, Esq.

Stephen Putnam, Attorney

“As a citizen of Fulton county, I would feel safer with Fani Willis protecting me and my family. We would sleep better at night knowing that she’s at the helm of preventing crime in this city, as District Attorney, especially here in midtown.” 

-Stephen Putnam

Det. David Quinn, Atlanta Homicide - Retired

“I am a decades-long witness to the proven integrity and passion for justice of Fani Willis as she dutifully served the citizens of Fulton County. Vote Fani Willis for District Attorney 2020!”

-David Quinn

Corey Reeves, Councilman District 5- City of South Fulton

“Fani Willis came into the City of South Fulton as Chief Judge, and completely raised the bar and morale within our court system.  As District Attorney, she will lead a revolution of change with innovation, integrity and resolve. I am pleased to offer my endorsement to Chief Judge Fani Willis, as I am 100 percent positive she will be effective as YOUR Fulton County District Attorney.”

-Corey Reeves

Brian C. Ross, Trial Attorney

“I had the honor and privilege of working under Fani Willis, while I was a Senior Assistant District Attorney, at the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. She was my direct supervisor and mentor, and I can say, without hesitation, that not only does she know what it takes to be the Fulton County District Attorney, but more importantly, she has the skills, knowledge, and work ethic to be great at it.”

-Brian C. Ross

Joshua G. Schiffer, Attorney at Law

“Fani Willis brings integrity and legitimacy. She will hold offenders responsible regardless of their profession, friendships, and political allegiance.”

-Joshua G. Schiffer

Mr. Ulysses J. Smallwood, Mayor Pro Tem - Fairburn

“Fani Willis understands the need for equity in the legal system. She is the right person for the job.”

-Ulysses Smallwood

Otha Thornton, 2018 Democratic Nominee for Georgia State Superintendent of Schools

“Attorney Fani Willis is a person of impeccable integrity and fairness. She is the epitome of what our judicial system needs to ensure justice to our citizens.”

-Otha Thornton

Bianca Thrasher-Starobin, Lobbyist

“Our beautiful City of Atlanta DESERVES an ethical, hard-working, committed, fair, and transparent District Attorney.  Fani Willis is an exceptional human being and I am 1,000% confident that she will execute her responsibilities as a public servant and Fulton County’s next District Attorney with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.”

-Bianca Thrasher-Starobin

John M. Turner, Jr. Attorney at Law

“I have served as an Assistant DA for 22 years, 16 of those years in the Fulton County DA’s office. Fani Willis is the best choice for Fulton DA. She will serve with integrity, fairness, and compassion. I urge everyone to vote for Fani Willis. She will never embarrass Fulton County or let its citizens down.”

-John M. Turner, Jr.

Vince Velazquez, Retired Homicide Detective - APD

“I’ve been in and out of the courtroom with Fani Willis for over a decade. Her passion and determination are unmatched. A true servant of the people!”

-Vince Velazquez

Helen Willis, Councilwoman-District 3 City of South Fulton

“I support Fani Willis to be the Fulton County District Attorney. She will lead with fairness and integrity while ensuring justice when prosecuting felony and misdemeanor offenses committed by juveniles.”

-Helen Willis

Matthew Wilson, Representative, House District 80

“I am thrilled to endorse Fani Willis. I know she will not only ensure the highest ethical standards but will renew public confidence in the important work the office does every day. Fani’s vision, experience, and integrity are exactly what Fulton County needs right now.” 

-Matthew Wilson

L. David Wolfe, Attorney at Law

“In 39 years of trying cases around the country, in State and Federal Court, I have never faced a more formidable or honorable prosecutor than my choice for Fulton DA, Fani Willis.”

-L. D. Wolfe

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